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“Minsk Tractor Works” and “Minsk Motor Plant” – our solid partners

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September 17, 2017
June 1, 2018
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“Minsk Tractor Works” and “Minsk Motor Plant” – our solid partners

The Production Association “Minsk Tractor Works” (P/A MTW or MTZis one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment in the world. Wide universality of “Belarus” tractors is well known and allows running the equipment effectively all the year round in various climate conditions. Now Minsk Tractor Works manufactures:

  • moto-blocks (walk-behind tractors) and mini tractors;
  • small tractors from 20 to 35  h.p.
  • universal ploughing tractors 50-150 h.p.
  • universal tractors 150- 260 h.p.
  • cargo-handling, utility, mine  machines, stump-to-roadside equipment
  • cast-iron, steel castings, castings in meltable models, forgings
  • special-purpose equipment
  • non-standard equipment

The Production Corporation “Minsk Motor Plant” is the largest manufacturer of diesel engines in the Republic of Belarus.

Sufficiently wide power range, high reliability and durability of MMP engines enable their efficient use in agricultural, transport and industrial machines and other equipment of different application.

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